The Birmingham Music Festival is one of Britain's leading piano competitions.


We welcome entrants of all ages and all abilities from enthusiastic beginners and gifted amateurs to veteran competitors.  

We have a fantastic venue: The Ruddock Performing Arts Centre at King Edward’s Schools, the BMF offers high quality grand pianos in both of our performance theatres and adjudicators to match.


We think the Birmingham Music Festival offers the very best in amateur music making.

We look forward to seeing you at the Festival!

The 2021 Birmingham Music Festival will take place on
16 and 17 October 2021


The Ruddock Performing Arts Centre at King Edward’s Schools

Edgbaston Park Road



B15 2UA

With the success of the vaccines and falling infections, we believe that it should be possible to run the 2021 Festival as normal. Hence the Festival is now open for entries. 

There is a large pent-up demand for live performance opportunities after so many months of Zoom lessons and cancelled festival performances. Please apply early before our deadline of 31 July 2021 to be sure of your places. We will accept entries on a strict first-come, first served basis, and we expect to be full as usual.

Coronavirus implications:

Of course the situation may deteriorate such that Coronavirus does impact our Festival. A full lockdown would cause the complete cancellation of the live Festival.

Nevertheless if there is only a partial lock-down, we will try to organise a reduced scale or online Festival, or a combination of the two if there is time to do so.

Sadly it may also lead to some performances being cancelled whilst others are permitted to go ahead. The basis on which this difficult decision would be taken is impossible to determine in a way which would suit everybody. We will do it in a way which maximises performance time and allows the most performances to take place. This will generally favour those entering the largest classes, as the significant proportion of time lost to room and keyboard sanitisation between classes and performances would be minimised.


Hopefully none of this will be necessary but I think most of you would agree that some sort of Festival would be better than no Festival at all. 

Refund guarantee:

We guarantee that anybody who has their performance cancelled because of Coronavirus restrictions imposed on the Festival, or anyone preferring not to play in a reduced-scale or online Festival, will receive a full refund of their entry fees.

I look forward to seeing and hearing as many of you play as I can in October.


In the meantime please continue to stay safe.

Richard Abel

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Our Aim:

"The object of the Festival is to advance, encourage and foster the art of music making by holding and promoting an annual competitive festival of public performances, recitals and concerts"

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