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We think the Birmingham Music Festival is really easy to enter!


Just follow the points below and you won't go wrong! 

Final date for entry is 31 July 2024 or earlier if we reach our capacity before then. 

Early entry is therefore advised to be sure of gaining a place in your chosen classes.

All classes at Birmingham Music Festival are for pianoforte solo.
  • Each entrant can enter any number of classes for which they are eligible.

  • PARENTS and/or TEACHERS ENTERING CHILDREN should bear in mind that it can be a stressful experience for a child to enter multiple classes in a high quality competitive festival. Your attention is drawn to our Child Protection Policy

  • In response to popular demand we have made the following changes to previous year's syllabus:

    • Previous winners: Going forward we have decided that any person winning an open class should be unable to perform the winning piece again at the Festival for a period of 3 years. So a person winning a class in 2023 cannot perform the winning piece again in any class at the BMF until 2026.

    • Transcriptions: We have removed the restriction on playing arrangements or transcriptions in the majority of open classes. Now transcriptions are allowed in all open classes except Classes 14 and 16.
      Any transcriptions entered must not be a simplification of the original music.

    • Video recording: Sadly some parents ignored our requests not to record performances at the 2022 Festival, which is a serious breach of our Child Protection Policy. In response we have had to introduce a penalty. Should anyone be spotted making a recording, the performer will be disqualified, and those in the performer’s family will be asked to leave immediately for the rest of the Festival weekend. No compensation will be paid for missed performances.

  • ‘Open’ classes are open to any age group.

  • All categories are ‘own choice’ of music - the Grade Classes (Classes 6 - 9) must have music from  the relevant current grade syllabuses for the Associated Board, Trinity College London  or London College of Music.

Grade Classes (Classes 6 - 9):

  • Grade limits refer both to the music performed and the skills of the performer. An entrant may not perform in more than one grade class during the Festival.

  • Players should not play repeats in the Grade classes (classes 6 - 9), except for DC and DS indications. 

  • These classes must have music from  the relevant current grade syllabuses for the Associated Board, Trinity College London  or London College of Music.


  • Repeats may be played in classes (other than grade classes - see above) provided that the time limit is not exceeded.


Classes 14 and 16:

  • Please note that classes 14 and 16 require an original piece of keyboard music to be performed. Arrangements and transcriptions are not permitted even if by the original composer for these classes.



  • Classes will take place on Saturday or Sunday, 12 or 13 October 2024.  

  • Players must be prepared to come on either day, or possibly on both days if playing in more than one class.  

  • We will confirm by email a personal schedule of your performance day and start times once all entries have been received and the Festival schedule drafted.

How to enter...

  1. Open the entry for the class you are interested in by hovering your mouse over the box and clicking Enter this class.

  2. This will open the form. On the left will be  a description of the class and who can enter and on the right will be the form that needs to be completed.

  3. If you do not wish to enter the class, just click Return to list of classes to go back to the class list.

  4. If you do wish to enter - just fill out the fields and click Enter this class.

  5. To enter more classes, in the basket just click Back to class list and then repeat steps 1 - 4 for each class you wish to enter. 

  6. If you are a teacher and have a number of students to enter into the same class (or classes), click on the class to enter, fill out the form, click Enter this class, then enter the info for the next student and press the button above the checkout where HERE is.  You will know you've entered the second entrant correctly when a tick appears.  Remember if you do not enter new information you may be charged for entering the same student.

  7. When you are ready - just go to the checkout to pay for all your entries all in one go.

  8. The checkout will take you to our secure payment portal to complete your purchase - just use your payment card, please use a debit rather than credit card if possible as our transaction costs will be lower. 

Class 10: Junior Recital - Under 17 years

Class 10
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> The programme must consist of at least 2 but not more than 3 contrasting pieces by different composers.

> Entrants in this class may not also enter the Open Recital Class (Class 19).

> Class only open to entrants aged Under 17.

> Time limit: 10 mins

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